Contest Sponsors:
 - Soyuz Radiolyubiteley of Russia (SRR)

 - Russian Contest Club

Contest director : Igor Avdeev, W0DKA
Chief Referee : Mikhail Klokov, UA9PM
Chief Scorer : Oleg Vdovin, UA9QCQ
Music & Lyrics: Jack Danielyan, R2AA


LYRICAL NOTE: In these difficult times, when the whole country, in fact, is struggling with the known problem, being in self-isolation and locked down, everyone can monitor inexperienced amateur radio activity, including numerous contests. In fact, many people, especially abroad, being "locked down" within the boundaries of their habitats, are often looking for something that could brighten up such a pastime...

BUT! We are lucky! We are radio amateurs who can communicate not only using well-known and, frankly speaking, BORED ways (phone, social networks, messengers, etc.), but also using the way that we were granted by our lovely hobby - using THE RADIO.

As we all know, RADIO and, in particular, AMATEUR RADIO, has special power and magic ... It is not a secret that radio amateurs often came to rescue in the most difficult situations, like disasters and earthquakes, they saved people in the seas and oceans, and they simply glowed up the Earth with the warmth of their radio waves when it was really needed...

And yes, we need it this time: in these difficult times, when mankind is struggling hard for people's lives, let us, radio amateurs, bring our MAGIC CONTRIBUTION into our common cause ... Even being locked down home. 
Despite self-isolation, let us communicate with each other on the air, let us encourage those who perhaps feel worse... Let us give a positive charge to our hobby colleagues, for whom maybe Amateur Radio is the only "window" in life ...

Let us be strong, let us keep our masts and whips high up. Let us not whistle for a wind, but let us move, - for the race is got by running...
Let us remember, there are Radio Sportsmen among us! In the time when our relevant Russian Ministry of Communications cancelled the ON-THE-AIR (DISTANT!!!) Russian HF Radio Championship, - let us make this contesting celebration awaited by us all, - to be happen.

For this reason, initiative group of positive Russian radio amateurs proposed the idea: despite cancellation of the OFFICIAL Russian HF Championship, to hold an "alternative" contest by similar rules...

Following the good Old Russian tradition to stay close together both in grief and joy, we came to decision to launch... SAMOVAR Contest! That's it, exactly! (Samovar is Russian fire teapot - a metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in Russia – note by UA2FM).

Let us stick together! Let us demonstrate that we are all radio amateurs and yet again show the world how we can warm up the Mother Earth with our radio waves.

We are pleased to invite ALL radio amateurs of the Planet - our good colleagues in our wonderful hobby - to participate in this contest. Let this contest bright up our current situation at least a little, and help all of us to cope the circumstances!

Please stay healthy! Stay on the air! Participate in the Contest



Friends-Colleagues-Radio Amateurs! Support us with your participation!